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JFC and SwfUpload

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

In previous article I’ve described how add AjaxFileUpload to jQuery File Commander, now it’s time to describe how to add SwfUpload which allow to smoothly add uploads queue and progress bar. I use simply demo as base from SwfUpload in version but there is no limits to use any upload library.

Ok, let’s see how to do that. The main problem was to add additional parameter during posting process where we store upload path. It was achieved by using addFileParam method in SwfUpload object. Next problem to solve was to refresh panels with files when upload is finished. To do that I used two callbacks from swf upload which fired my functions, one when file was put to upload queue and another one when upload is complete. (more…)

jQuery File Commander v0.5 update

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Just as some people was asked, I’ve added new improvements to JFC. Here is a short list what’s new in version 0.5:

  • added callback functions, now there are 5 callbacks:
    - onPanelGetFocus – fired after panel get focus,
    - onPanelLoseFocus – fired after panel lose focus,
    - onTabGetFocus – fired after tab get focus,
    - onTabLoseFocus – fired after tab lose focus,
    - onTabLoad – fired after tab content – files are loaded
  • changed tab view from table to div,
  • grouped parameters passed during creating JFC,
  • fixed few bugs (now rows are always equals even if files name are veeery long),
  • added upload examples,