jQuery File Commander

If you are looking for comfortable files manager on your web serwer similar to Total Commander then you just found it. I was googling for similar solution but after few hours of searching I give up. I need something what looks like TC and what is most important for me – give this pleasure of file juggling – at least allowing to make all these basic files operations like TC can.

jquery file commander

jquery file commander

The priority was to make tool almost as convenient as TC. Everything we are doing using key shortcuts like we do in normal TC (exception is IE where F5 doesn’t copy but refresh page). Additionally I want to runaway from heavy-weight libraries and make my solution as lightweight as it can be (at least at this moment).

Because almost everyday I’m using CakePHP framework it was natural for me to make a plugin for this framework. The most important part of the project was to write JS code which emulate TC and allow user to smoothly manage his server files (via some server side technology).

Plugin wasn’t tested enought so I decided to block any files/folder operations, but you can easly move and view between example folders.

Currently JFC (jQuery File Commander) has no ability to view or edit files but this will be my next work to do in that project. JFC can be easly integrated with other server technologies. To make this possible there is only needed to write functions to make basics operations on files in python, ruby or any other technology which can produce JSON output.

It’s a good moment to check jQuery File Commander (JFC) demo - http://fc-demo.niepokoj.com/fc.
Source codes of plugin in CakePHP 1.2 are here.

[Edit: 24/03/2009 - update to version 0.4]

Any comments, questions, ideas are welcome.

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8 Responses to “jQuery File Commander”

  1. Christoph says:

    Nice work, but i am missing the most import feature. I need to upload/download files. Any plans on implementing this?

  2. Quess says:

    Yeah, download and upload is on my TODO list so will be added soon.

  3. DavidTan says:

    Wow, didn’t know that was possible with jquery! Looks cool :)

  4. Quess says:

    JFC updated to version 0.4 – added file download

  5. Interesting commander project. First gaze at the code.. it looks quite good.

  6. Quess says:

    JFC v0.5 is ready, I also added some upload examples, many fixes and callback features.

  7. C Phill says:

    Doesn’t work – can’t navigate folders. – you should use a tree view.

  8. Quess says:

    @C Phill
    What browser are you using?